Bridge Farm Connemara Ponies

Connemara Pony Photos from Bridge Farm

Our Pony Photos – a gallery of ponies we’ve owned and trained.

Also photos and images from around Bridge Farm and from equestrian competitions where we’ve taken our Connemara’s and other horse’s.

Just click on an image to view the larger photo.

Other photos in the Pony Photos Gallery

Just so you can get to know us, we’ve also included photo’s of ourselves and some from when we were younger.

So, not all the pony photos will feature a Connemara pony as we’ve owned, trained, bought and sold a wide variety of equines in the 40 years since Bridge Farm was setup by Stanley.

We’ve also added, and will continue to add, photos of ponies that have moved on to new owners and photos of our friends when they are competing or send us pony photos to add.

We hope you enjoy viewing them and please feel free to comment below.

Belinda & Richard