Keeping Our Dogs Fit in Crazy 2020

Why Does Watching a Dog be a Dog, Fill Me Full With Happiness?

Jonathan Safran Froer

With all that’s going on in the World, the simple pleasures are proving to be the best possible treats and nothing beats exercising the dogs.

We’re blessed with good grazing and an easily accesible stretch of cool clear water, which helps us truly appreciate these simple pleasures, but most importantly it allows us unlimited opportunities to keep our dogs fit and healthy.

Bridge Farm’s dogs and puppies revel in the space and are always keen to splash and play in the water. They play and interact like happy dogs should.

There’s no great secret to keeping your dog happy, fit and healthy. Just take them out and let your dog be a dog.

By Belinda

Owner Operator of Bridge Farm in Ongar Essex; with over 30 years experience of breeding & training horses , dogs and competing in various equestrian disciplines.