Bridge Farm Golden Retrievers

About Bridge Farm

A little bit about Bridge Farm and our Team of Equestrians.

Bridge Farm - Connemara Pony SalesBridge Farm is located in Ongar, Essex and has been a home for horse’s of various types since 1969.

Our equestrian facilities were first setup by Stanley my father and are now run by Belinda, that’s me, together with my family and close associates, who are all involved in our equestrian disciplines of one form or another.

Our farm extends to some 58 acres and includes all the essential equestrian facilities required to bring on young stock and school our wonderful Connemara Ponies.

Originally, Bridge Farm concentrated on show jumpers and racehorses, as an extention of Stanley’s career as a jockey and professional show-jumper.

We’ve been continuing that tradition and building on Stanley’s and our own love of horse’s.

Today Bridge Farm also breeds wonderful Golden Retriever and Goldador puppies and is highly regarded for the quality of our dogs.


Stanley Taylor of Bridge Farm Show Jumping
Show jumper Stanley Taylor

Why the Connemara Pony?

Well over the years we’ve owned and bred various types and breeds of horse and pony. We’ve competed in all disciplines including eventing, dressage, show jumping, mounted games and ridden for various Essex Pony Clubs and Riding Clubs, so we have extensive experience in most fields of equestrianism.

And; we’ve found that the Connemara Pony is the best at what it does and it let’s you have the most fun while you’re doing it. Not only is the Connemara Pony great at whatever it does, it is also easy to handle and gives back ten times more that it takes to make it the best it can be.

One of our favourite Connemara’s was Polo, my daughter Samantha’s pony.

Polo and Sam were a great team and they worked so well together they won the Gosling Cup.

Polo - A Bridge Farm Connemara Pony

When Sam had outgrown Polo he moved on to her cousin Oliver. The above photo shows a young Oliver riding Polo to a win in a cross country competition; Polo was 19 and Oliver was just 7 years old.

Polo is still an excellent Connemara and even now, at 22 years old, has just taken Oliver to another cross country win (Sept. 2012).