A Healthy Golden Retriever

Dog owners should take these few small but essential steps to ensure their healthy Golden Retriever enjoys a long life.

Providing proper daily care is key as is being able to recognise the signs of trouble early.

Healthy Golden Retrievers aren’t just well loved family pets, they’re also extraordinary working dogs, which is why keeping them healthy should be the main goal of any responsible Golden dog owner.
Bridge Farm - Fox Reds & Golden Retrievers in the River
And while this gun dog breed has its fair share of common doggy ailments, a healthy Golden retriever doesn’t have to succumb to them.

By following these few simple health tips, Golden Retriever owners can ensure their dog stays happy, healthy and disease free.

  • Regularly Check Your Golden Retriever for Skin Problems

    Checking a Golden Retrievers skin regularly is a must, as skin problems and conditions are common in Goldens. Although skin checks should be a routine part of any vet exam, owners should also be on the lookout for anything new and unusual. Lumps or bumps, sores, flaky or crusty skin, redness and scabbing can all signal trouble, large vet bills and warrant quick treatment. Skin checks are also a good time to look for fleas, ticks and other doggy parasites.

  • Keep Your Dogs Ears Clean and HealthyBridge Farm - Golden Retrievers Playing in the River

    Like many dogs with floppy ears a Golden Retrievers ears are highly susceptible to infections. Red pussy or foul-smelling ears can be a sign of an ear infection or other ear disorder and should be treated promptly by a veterinarian to make sure you avoid any more serious problems. Ears that don’t show signs of infection but contain excess wax or other debris should be cleaned using a proprietery cleaning product or an organic alcohol and vinegar solution.

  • Feed Your Retriever a Good Nutritious Diet

    Just like their owners diets, what a dog eats can affect his health. Poor nutrition can result in unhealthy weight issues and dull thinning coats. That’s why it’s important to make sure your Golden Retrievers diet is balanced and full of nutrients. Choose a dog food that lists whole foods, like chicken, beef, carrots and peas as its primary ingredients, rather than fillers, such as cornmeal and soy. Also try hard to avoid offering your dog table scraps, which can lead to doggy obesity.

  • Make a Point of Exercising Your Golden Retriever Every Day

    Golden Retriever need daily exercise to use up all their energy and keep them trim and fit. The nice thing about Goldens is they won’t require any coaxing to go on a walk or fetch the ball. They are keen exercisers by nature and love playing with their owners. Golden retrievers also excel at dog sports, including agility and flyball, so participating in any of these activities is a fun and rewarding way to keep a Golden healthy and happy.

  • Groom Your Dog for Health as well as Beauty

    Brushing and bathing a Golden Retriever doesn’t just enhance the dogs good looks. Grooming can actually help nourish the skin and coat as well as eliminate bacteria that could become problematic. Goldens don’t need a bath and clip very often, maybe every couple of months, but daily brushing helps loosen dirt and stimulates circulation. Brushing is also a good time to check for fleas and ticks, clip nails if necessary, and brush the teeth.

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Keeping your Golden Retriever healthy takes lot’s of time and care, but the reward is well worth it. If your dog feels fit and well he will provide you and your family with unlimited joy and companionship; well into his golden years.

By Belinda

Owner Operator of Bridge Farm in Ongar Essex; with over 30 years experience of breeding & training horses , dogs and competing in various equestrian disciplines.