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Bridge Farm Spring 2014

Yard News Apr 8, 2014

Roxy's new Rottweiler Puppies

Well spring 2014 certainly started with a bang at Bridge Farm.

We’ve had loads of interest in our Connemara ponies, in our other horse breeds and we’ve had loads of lovely cute puppies.

Jack Sparrow left for Kent with his new owner Becky

Bobby left with new owner Tracey and her son Kristian

We had contact from the Dijkkamp family in Holland who now own Midnight, who we raised from a foal. They sent us some lovely photos of Melissa and the Dijkkamp family showing how well they are getting on.

Sweet Petal who started her life at Bridge Farm is now with Pernilla Martensson in the Netherlands, who is doing a wonderful job in producing Petal ready for her future career in show jumping.

And, as you can see from the photos below, Petal is giving those jumps plenty of clearance. Well done Pernilla, from Belinda and all at Bridge Farm.

Bridge Farm has never been busier and never been so full of new life and so much energy.

Mothers day at Bridge Farm was very special too

Grandson Ethan with Belinda on Mothers Day at Bridge Farm

There’s nothing Belinda enjoys more than spending the day with the ponies and her children and grandchildren. Even the newest family member gets to ride a pony.

The whole Bridge Farm team, family and friends, are now looking forward to a great 2014 and wishing all our new owners great success with their new friends, both equine and canine.

We really love matching wonderful owners with our wonderful horses’ and dogs.

Spring 2014 has been a great start to the year; roll on the summer and some lovely warm weather.

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