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Bridge Farm Spring 2014

Yard News Apr 8, 2014

Roxy's new Rottweiler Puppies

Well spring 2014 certainly started with a bang at Bridge Farm.

We’ve had loads of interest in our Connemara ponies, in our other horse breeds and we’ve had loads of lovely cute puppies.

Jack Sparrow left for Kent with his new owner Becky

Bobby left with new owner Tracey and her son Kristian

We had contact from the Dijkkamp family in Holland who now own Midnight, who we raised from a foal. They sent us some lovely photos of Melissa and the Dijkkamp family showing how well they are getting on.

Sweet Petal who started her life at Bridge Farm is now with Pernilla Martensson in the Netherlands, who is doing a wonderful job in producing Petal ready for her future career in show jumping.

And, as you can see from the photos below, Petal is giving those jumps plenty of clearance. Well done Pernilla, from Belinda and all at Bridge Farm.

Bridge Farm has never been busier and never been so full of new life and so much energy.

Mothers day at Bridge Farm was very special too

Grandson Ethan with Belinda on Mothers Day at Bridge Farm

There’s nothing Belinda enjoys more than spending the day with the ponies and her children and grandchildren. Even the newest family member gets to ride a pony.

The whole Bridge Farm team, family and friends, are now looking forward to a great 2014 and wishing all our new owners great success with their new friends, both equine and canine.

We really love matching wonderful owners with our wonderful horses’ and dogs.

Spring 2014 has been a great start to the year; roll on the summer and some lovely warm weather.

Bridge Farm Summer 2013 – Bringing in the Hay & Puppies

Yard News Jul 30, 2013

Bridge Farms Emma - a beautiful Golden Retriever pup

Summer 2013 … where do the days go?

Phew!! it’s been hot, hard work and tiring but so far, Summer 2013 at Bridge Farm has been great fun.

Aside from the great updates from new happy Connemara pony owners like Tina, Susie, Rebecca and Johanna …

Comet arrived Thursday, and has settled in very well and it’s like he’s been with us forever already, and everyone at the yard is making a fuss of him. I can honestly say that buying Comet has been a great experience Belinda has been fantastic phoning me all the time keeping me informed of Comets progress and letting me text her all the time with my many questions … Rebecca

Very pleased with the vetting, vet couldn’t fault him at all! No-one is more excited then Emily about bringing Sky home on Friday … she is so happy, she really did love him to ride. Think that bond is forming already  … Joanna

… We’ve also had a great hay crop, which should see us through the winter. there’s nothing as pleasing as seeing a barn full of new hay.

Summer 2013 and a good crop of hay for Bridge Farm
Bridge Farm brining in the hay in Summer 2013
Hay making at Bridge Farm, Essex in Summer 2013

And not forgetting the best fun of all … Puppies

They’re growing fast and getting into everything, but they are some of the best looking young dogs we’ve ever had. The Golden Retrievers are beautiful but the fox red retriever colouring is really stunning and you can see why they are one of the most popular dogs to own today.

Bridge Farm puppies - growing fast and looking good

Emma and Meme (below) are really quite special and we’re planning to put them in pup. If you fancy owning a gorgeous Fox Red or a fantastic Golden let Belinda know of your interest and she’ll get in touch to let you know when they’ll be available.

Bridge Farms Emma - a beautiful Golden Retriever pup
Bridge Farms Meme - a stunning Fox Red Retriever pup

Well July is just about over and August just around the corner

No Summer holidays planned for Bridge Farm, but lot’s of enjoyable work with our new Connemara ponies and bringing on the horse’s and ponies that are still waiting for their new families.

We feel very lucky sometimes, as there really is nothing better than doing what you love and enjoy.

I’ll leave you on this beautiful Summers day at Bridge Farm, with what makes us feel it’s a job worth doing …

Well I was choked when the judge placed us first and over the moon with my handsome boy, whom I love so much and shed a little tear or three.
Our first show and our first red rosette. The judge loved him and agreed with me that he is a handsome boy, although Fionn already knows that!
Fionn is wonderful, love him to bits, best thing I’ve ever done was to buy him … Tina

Bridge Farm Spring 2013 – Connemara Pony Training

Yard News May 28, 2013

Bridge Farm Sam Cross Country

At Bridge Farm Spring is almost over and we’re now moving into some warm Summer months

Everyone at Bridge Farm has been working hard throughout the Spring and enjoying our early morning, slightly chilly, starts.

Working with characterful Connemara ponies is one of the most enjoyable rewards as is some nice hacking out, with the sun burning the mist of the fields as we cross to the bridleways.

We are very excited about the work that we’ve put in to building and improving our cross country course, it helps us train our Connemara ponies and other horses on site.

The cross country course now includes a varied selection of jumps, and Sam and Jodie have already been testing it out with Sky and Patsy.

Bridge Farm Schooling Patsy

Belinda & Jodie assessing Patsy

We have been working hard with our new stock, particularly the young Connemara’s and we are continuing to bring on all the horses’. Each horse or pony has it’s own training programme, which is geared to bringing out the best in their abilities.

I hope you like the few photos, let us know what you think and please visit often and follow the progress of your favourites.

Cross Country Training at Bridge Farm …

Everyone loves the cross country course, both riders and ponies, and we are very pleased that we’ve been able to make it suitable for our specific training requirements.

The jumps and obstacles range from small poles to novice 2’9″ jumps. A lot of hard work has been put in by everyone at Bridge Farm, with Richard, Adam and myself working hard to create obstacles that are both challenging and educational for the Connemara’s and their riders.

Sam has been testing out all the jumps on Sky and Jodie has been introducing the newer young horses to all the different obstacles.

Bridge Farm Sam Cross Country

Sam cross country schooling

It’s not completely finished yet but we hope to have it complete by the end of the June. Take a look at the work so far and let us know what you think.