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About Richard


Richard Dubber is joint owner and operator of Bridge Farm in Ongar, Essex, England. Where they specialise in Connemara Pony Sales and competitively priced livery stables.

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Connemara Ponies in the Snow

Yard News Feb 1, 2013

Bridge Farm Connemara Ponies in the Snow

Again the early-morning sun was generous with its warmth. All the sounds dear to a horseman were around me – the snort of the horses as they cleared their throats, the gentle swish of their tails, the tinkle of irons as we flung the saddles over their backs – little sounds of no importance, but they stay in the unconscious library of memory … Wynford Vaughan-Thomas

The winter cold can make for a harsh wet cold miserable day

And when, seven days a week, you have no choice but to get out of bed and tend to the horse’s, it can seem as if winter is never ending.

But there are times, little moments, when those Connemara Ponies make you smile and you can’t help thinking it’s all worth it.

Here, for no special reason, are a few photos of our Connemara ponies in the snow.

Of course, you never have your camera handy when they’re frolicking around, but we found this small selection of photos quite sweet and we hope you do too.

The quotes? Well they’re quite sweet too, and just seem to fit the mood.

Have a wonderful winter day with your horse or pony…
Belinda & Richard

And indeed, a horse who bears himself proudly is a thing of such beauty and astonishment that he attracts the eyes of all beholders. No one will tire of looking at him as long as he will display himself in all his splendor … Xenophon

Bridge Farm 2013 – We’re All Looking Forward to a Great Year

Yard News Jan 19, 2013

Well it’s 2013 and here at Bridge Farm we’re all looking forward to a great year.

2012 was eventful with lot’s of things happening on the yard and a whole host of new friends arriving.

We’ve been really happy to see some lovely Connemara Ponies coming to stay, although some haven’t spent that much time with us before they’ve gone on to enjoy their new homes and new owners.

We’re putting our 2013 training program together for the young Connemara’s that are slowly being brought in to be brought on.

There’s some very exciting prospects in our current herd and some great times to look forward to in 2013 with all the real characters among them.

And the fox red puppies are adorable, mischievous playful, into everything and keeping Donna very busy.

Belinda and Jody are enjoying all the new equine personalities and the new challenges, as are Paul and Taylor (our very special and youngest farm hand).

Richard and Adam are busy, busy, busy around the farm, Samantha is back in the saddle and Emma is busy growing our next farmhand or show jumper.

There’s new roadways in, a new arena surface laid and a hundred different jobs to do.

It’s wintry weather now, it’s cold and there’s short days and long nights but everyday brings us closer to spring grass and frisky ponies.

Bridge Farm is growing and expanding all around us. Our ponies are growing and together with our livery clients they’re keeping us all on our toes.

It’s 2013 and 2012 is falling far behind us; we’re positive; we’re optimistic, we’re looking for new challenges; we want to meet new people and make new things happen.

We’re all working hard, it’s in our nature to do so, and we’re all just as determined to play hard too.

Here’s wishing that all our friends, our clients and our staff are just as positive and just as determined to work hard and play hard too.

Fox Red Puppies, Puppies, Puppies at Bridge Farm

Yard News Dec 16, 2012

New Fox Red Puppies at Bridge Farm. Just in time to make everyone happy at Christmas

Bridge Farm has some new arrivals. A bunch of energetic, bouncy, fluffballs that are adding great big Christmas smiles to everyone’s days.

These are our first ever Fox Red retrievers and they’re reputed to be highly intelligent. We’re hoping they’ll make great working dogs with excellent retrieving skills.

So far they seem to love us humans, and their fun personalities are proving they are rare and special.

New Fox Red Puppies at Bridge Farm

Paul & Donna with three of our new puppies

Everyone loves puppies, so we thought you’d all enjoy a few photos of the new puppies running around.
Belinda & Richard

Fox Red Labrador Retrievers have the darkest yellow Labrador retriever colouring. It is a really dark reddish colour and makes our Fox Red puppies a unique type of Labrador retriever.

Bridge Farm on Video

Yard News Oct 6, 2012

What’s happening at Bridge Farm?

Well, we’ve just put together a short promo video and uploaded it to Youtube. We’re quite pleased with the results.

And; if you stay tuned here we’ll be adding more videos of Bridge Farm and the horse’s ponies and Connemara’s for sale, soon.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Belinda & Richard

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A Quick preview of Turbo – Watch Out for Full details in a Classie Braun Silver Jack listing

Autumn Fun on Bridge Farm

Yard News Sep 27, 2012

So, it’s well and truly time for Autumn Fun at Bridge Farm

The hay’s in the barn, the horse’s and ponies have rugs on and we’re enjoying some really lovely morning rides out.

There’s nothing quite like an Autumn morning ride out, it’s cold, crisp and clear but lovely and warm when the sun strokes your back.

And; and although we sympathise with all the rain soaked horse owners and riders in the North of England, we do love Autumn fun at Bridge Farm.

We’re also setting up the new cross country jumps at Bridge Farm and happily preparing to munch the great Halloween Pumpkin, that is truly enormous this year.

Bridge Farms Enormous Halloween Pumpkin

Some Photos of our Autumn Rides

Bridge Farm - an Autumn ride out for Belinda and Jody

Photo Above: Shows Belinda & Jody enjoying an autumn morning ride out on Connie and Ginger. Both riders and ponies looking relaxed and comfortable but keen to stride out.

Bridge Farm Connemaras make you happy

Photo Above: Shows Belinda and Sam having a really enjoyable ride on Chelsea and Connie. At Bridge Farm the Connemara’s just make you smile.

 New Cross Country Jumps at Bridge Farm

Just a couple of quick photos to show you the new cross country obstacles.

They look new because they are new and we’re just positioning them to make sure we and the ponies enjoy the most fun while training the Connemara ponies and other horse’s at Bridge Farm.

They’ve still to be dressed up a little and may move around a bit until we’re happy with them, but for now we’re just looking forward to popping the ponies over them.

Bridge Farm Cross Country Obstacles

Bridge Farm Cross Country Obstacles

We’re looking forward to the new cross country jumps making a real contribution to the quality of our Connemara pony training and prep work.

Please let us know what you think on our Bridge Farm Facebook page.

Around Bridge Farm

Yard News Sep 16, 2012

A look at what’s going on around Bridge Farm

As with any working farm and livery yard we’ve always got something that needs to be improved. Add in our horse and pony sales and Bridge Farm can be a real hive of activity at certain times of the year.

We’re always starting new projects and improving the structure of the yard for our clients.

Currently we’re building a new roadway to improve access and keep our feet dry in the winter.

We also have new cross country obstacles on order for the new cross country course we’ll be constructing. Something that will make a big difference to our horse and pony training schedule.

There’s also a million other little jobs that are being done around the farm and a couple of thousand that are constantly being attended to. Horse’s and ponies tend to be a little hard on structures and there’s always farm machinery, stable doors and training facilities that need a little touch up.

So, here’s a few photos from around Bridge Farm. We hope you like them.

Bridge Farm Security

With all the horror stories you hear about assaults on horses’ and ponies and horse theft around the country, we take security quite seriously at Bridge Farm.

You’ll see Roxie in the photos and she’s our resident guard dog, and as you can see she takes her duties quite seriously. She’s a big softy once you’ve been introduced, but if any strangers appear on the yard at strange times, she’s not that cuddly.

There are other security measures but Roxie is probably our most visual deterrent.