Fox Red Puppies, Puppies, Puppies at Bridge Farm

New Fox Red Puppies at Bridge Farm. Just in time to make everyone happy at Christmas Bridge Farm has some new arrivals. A bunch of energetic, bouncy, fluffballs that are adding great big Christmas smiles to everyone's days. These are our first ever Fox Red retrievers and they're reputed to be highly intelligent. We're hoping they'll make great working dogs with excellent retrieving skills. So far they seem to love us humans, and their fun personalities are proving they are rare and special. Everyone loves puppies, so we thought you'd all enjoy a few photos of the new puppies running around. Belinda & Richard Fox Red Labrador Retrievers have the darkest yellow Labrador retriever colouring. It is a really dark reddish colour and makes our Fox Red puppies a unique type of Labrador retriever.
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