Tina & Fionn – First Red Rosette & Lots More to Come

Working with horse's can be a hard slog sometimes, particularly in the Winter months. Cold, dark wet mornings, little daylight, a sodden arena surface, heavy rugs and mud covered coats can make ¬†for long days and sore bones. Motivation & little rewards come when those cheeky Connemara ponies provide little insights into their potential to be more than they seem, than those mud spattered coats show. At Bridge Farm, we rarely get to see a ponies true potential realised, they move on to new homes and new owners so quickly, and we get busy with the new Connemara characters that take their place. So, there are very few things more enjoyable than receiving an update from a new owner. Particularly an owner as happy as Tina, who's been kind enough to share her photos, her feelings & their first red rosette. For us it's a little reminder of why we focus on Connemara ponies and why we truly believe they're the best at what they do and let you have the most fun while …
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Bridge Farm 2013 – We’re All Looking Forward to a Great Year

Well it's 2013 and here at Bridge Farm we're all looking forward to a great year. 2012 was eventful with lot's of things happening on the yard and a whole host of new friends arriving. We've been really happy to see some lovely Connemara Ponies coming to stay, although some haven't spent that much time with us before they've gone on to enjoy their new homes and new owners. We're putting our 2013 training program together for the young Connemara's that are slowly being brought in to be brought on. There's some very exciting prospects in our current herd and some great times to look forward to in 2013 with all the real characters among them. And the fox red puppies are adorable, mischievous playful, into everything and keeping Donna very busy. Belinda and Jody are enjoying all the new equine personalities and the new challenges, as are Paul and Taylor (our very special and youngest farm hand). Richard and Adam are busy, busy, busy around the farm, Samantha is back …
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