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Why a Golden Retriever Could be the ideal Dog for your Family

Yard News Aug 7, 2014

Bridge Farms Golden Retrievers ar ideal for families

Selecting the right dog for you and your family is something you should never take lightly.

There are over a hundred dog breeds from different countries around the world and the pet dog you choose for your family is very important.

At Bridge Farm we breed top quality Golden Retrievers and we’d like to tell you why we believe they make excellent family dogs.

The Kennel Club categorises dog breeds into groups and each breed group has similar distinguishing characteristics.

The Golden Retriever is in the Gun Dog Group and the Gun Dog Group contains some of the oldest and most popular dog breeds.Bridge Farms Golden Retrievers

Many of the dogs in this category were traditionally bred for hunting, but today most people who own gun dogs simply keep them as family pets.

Those hunting & retrieving traits, can though, contribute to some of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a gun dog type.

Goldens are natural retrievers, they enjoy fetching a tennis ball as much as a pheasant.

But don’t let that happy silly face fool you, the Golden Retriever is bred to be tough and strong.

They have happy outgoing personalities, a personality trait that makes the Golden an enthusiastic and responsive pet.

They will play the retrieving game for what seems like forever, and will enjoy every minute of the time spent with you.

And; while any Golden will enjoy simply laying around the house or wrestling on the floor with your family, a well trained retriever will be highly proficient in the field.

As puppies, little fluffy bundles of gold, Goldens are full of energy and can be a little mouthy.

So, you have to make sure you control and direct your Golden’s need to chew by providing appropriate chew toys.

Remember, puppies aren’t fussy and they never discriminate. A slipper, shoe or chair leg works just as well for them as a squeeky rubber bone.

However, Goldens are very trainable athletic and very good natured

  • They have a keen desire to please.
  • You will find them performing, with tails wagging and eyes shining, in the obedience and agility arenas
  • And most important of all, they are excellent with children

Bridge Farm - Healthy Happy Golden Retriever Pups

The Golden Retriever is generally a light yellow to a deep golden honey in color.

Some can be tend towards the reddish hues, which is becoming a popular colour today.

  • The Golden’s coat tends to get a little deeper in colour after the first year
  • They grow about twenty-four inches tall at the withers (shoulders), with female dogs being slightly shorter
  • The Golden’s coat should be long and can be either flat or wavy

To keep your Golden happy and healthy, the whole family should learn to enjoy grooming.

They will have to regularly brush their Retriever properly or your pet dogs coat will tend to form thick uncomfortable knots & mats

It’s great then that most Golden Retrievers love the time and attention they get while being groomed

So, if you are looking for pet dog that will be great with the kids and also help de-stress and improve the fitness of the adults in the family, you should definitely spend some time looking at Bridge Farms Golden Retriever Puppies.

A Healthy Golden Retriever

Yard News Aug 1, 2014

Bridge Farm - Fox Red Retriever Loxi

Dog owners should take these few small but essential steps to ensure their healthy Golden Retriever enjoys a long life.

Providing proper daily care is key as is being able to recognise the signs of trouble early.

Healthy Golden Retrievers aren’t just well loved family pets, they’re also extraordinary working dogs, which is why keeping them healthy should be the main goal of any responsible Golden dog owner.
Bridge Farm - Fox Reds & Golden Retrievers in the River
And while this gun dog breed has its fair share of common doggy ailments, a healthy Golden retriever doesn’t have to succumb to them.

By following these few simple health tips, Golden Retriever owners can ensure their dog stays happy, healthy and disease free.

  • Regularly Check Your Golden Retriever for Skin Problems

    Checking a Golden Retrievers skin regularly is a must, as skin problems and conditions are common in Goldens. Although skin checks should be a routine part of any vet exam, owners should also be on the lookout for anything new and unusual. Lumps or bumps, sores, flaky or crusty skin, redness and scabbing can all signal trouble, large vet bills and warrant quick treatment. Skin checks are also a good time to look for fleas, ticks and other doggy parasites.

  • Keep Your Dogs Ears Clean and HealthyBridge Farm - Golden Retrievers Playing in the River

    Like many dogs with floppy ears a Golden Retrievers ears are highly susceptible to infections. Red pussy or foul-smelling ears can be a sign of an ear infection or other ear disorder and should be treated promptly by a veterinarian to make sure you avoid any more serious problems. Ears that don’t show signs of infection but contain excess wax or other debris should be cleaned using a proprietery cleaning product or an organic alcohol and vinegar solution.

  • Feed Your Retriever a Good Nutritious Diet

    Just like their owners diets, what a dog eats can affect his health. Poor nutrition can result in unhealthy weight issues and dull thinning coats. That’s why it’s important to make sure your Golden Retrievers diet is balanced and full of nutrients. Choose a dog food that lists whole foods, like chicken, beef, carrots and peas as its primary ingredients, rather than fillers, such as cornmeal and soy. Also try hard to avoid offering your dog table scraps, which can lead to doggy obesity.

  • Make a Point of Exercising Your Golden Retriever Every Day

    Golden Retriever need daily exercise to use up all their energy and keep them trim and fit. The nice thing about Goldens is they won’t require any coaxing to go on a walk or fetch the ball. They are keen exercisers by nature and love playing with their owners. Golden retrievers also excel at dog sports, including agility and flyball, so participating in any of these activities is a fun and rewarding way to keep a Golden healthy and happy.

  • Groom Your Dog for Health as well as Beauty

    Brushing and bathing a Golden Retriever doesn’t just enhance the dogs good looks. Grooming can actually help nourish the skin and coat as well as eliminate bacteria that could become problematic. Goldens don’t need a bath and clip very often, maybe every couple of months, but daily brushing helps loosen dirt and stimulates circulation. Brushing is also a good time to check for fleas and ticks, clip nails if necessary, and brush the teeth.

Bridge Farm - Fox Red Retriever Loxi

Keeping your Golden Retriever healthy takes lot’s of time and care, but the reward is well worth it. If your dog feels fit and well he will provide you and your family with unlimited joy and companionship; well into his golden years.

Bridge Farm Spring 2014

Yard News Apr 8, 2014

Roxy's new Rottweiler Puppies

Well spring 2014 certainly started with a bang at Bridge Farm.

We’ve had loads of interest in our Connemara ponies, in our other horse breeds and we’ve had loads of lovely cute puppies.

Jack Sparrow left for Kent with his new owner Becky

Bobby left with new owner Tracey and her son Kristian

We had contact from the Dijkkamp family in Holland who now own Midnight, who we raised from a foal. They sent us some lovely photos of Melissa and the Dijkkamp family showing how well they are getting on.

Sweet Petal who started her life at Bridge Farm is now with Pernilla Martensson in the Netherlands, who is doing a wonderful job in producing Petal ready for her future career in show jumping.

And, as you can see from the photos below, Petal is giving those jumps plenty of clearance. Well done Pernilla, from Belinda and all at Bridge Farm.

Bridge Farm has never been busier and never been so full of new life and so much energy.

Mothers day at Bridge Farm was very special too

Grandson Ethan with Belinda on Mothers Day at Bridge Farm

There’s nothing Belinda enjoys more than spending the day with the ponies and her children and grandchildren. Even the newest family member gets to ride a pony.

The whole Bridge Farm team, family and friends, are now looking forward to a great 2014 and wishing all our new owners great success with their new friends, both equine and canine.

We really love matching wonderful owners with our wonderful horses’ and dogs.

Spring 2014 has been a great start to the year; roll on the summer and some lovely warm weather.

Bridge Farm Summer 2013 – Bringing in the Hay & Puppies

Yard News Jul 30, 2013

Bridge Farms Emma - a beautiful Golden Retriever pup

Summer 2013 … where do the days go?

Phew!! it’s been hot, hard work and tiring but so far, Summer 2013 at Bridge Farm has been great fun.

Aside from the great updates from new happy Connemara pony owners like Tina, Susie, Rebecca and Johanna …

Comet arrived Thursday, and has settled in very well and it’s like he’s been with us forever already, and everyone at the yard is making a fuss of him. I can honestly say that buying Comet has been a great experience Belinda has been fantastic phoning me all the time keeping me informed of Comets progress and letting me text her all the time with my many questions … Rebecca

Very pleased with the vetting, vet couldn’t fault him at all! No-one is more excited then Emily about bringing Sky home on Friday … she is so happy, she really did love him to ride. Think that bond is forming already  … Joanna

… We’ve also had a great hay crop, which should see us through the winter. there’s nothing as pleasing as seeing a barn full of new hay.

Summer 2013 and a good crop of hay for Bridge Farm
Bridge Farm brining in the hay in Summer 2013
Hay making at Bridge Farm, Essex in Summer 2013

And not forgetting the best fun of all … Puppies

They’re growing fast and getting into everything, but they are some of the best looking young dogs we’ve ever had. The Golden Retrievers are beautiful but the fox red retriever colouring is really stunning and you can see why they are one of the most popular dogs to own today.

Bridge Farm puppies - growing fast and looking good

Emma and Meme (below) are really quite special and we’re planning to put them in pup. If you fancy owning a gorgeous Fox Red or a fantastic Golden let Belinda know of your interest and she’ll get in touch to let you know when they’ll be available.

Bridge Farms Emma - a beautiful Golden Retriever pup
Bridge Farms Meme - a stunning Fox Red Retriever pup

Well July is just about over and August just around the corner

No Summer holidays planned for Bridge Farm, but lot’s of enjoyable work with our new Connemara ponies and bringing on the horse’s and ponies that are still waiting for their new families.

We feel very lucky sometimes, as there really is nothing better than doing what you love and enjoy.

I’ll leave you on this beautiful Summers day at Bridge Farm, with what makes us feel it’s a job worth doing …

Well I was choked when the judge placed us first and over the moon with my handsome boy, whom I love so much and shed a little tear or three.
Our first show and our first red rosette. The judge loved him and agreed with me that he is a handsome boy, although Fionn already knows that!
Fionn is wonderful, love him to bits, best thing I’ve ever done was to buy him … Tina

Tina & Fionn – First Red Rosette & Lots More to Come

Yard News Jun 21, 2013

A Red Rosette for Bridge Farms Connemara Fionn

Working with horse’s can be a hard slog sometimes, particularly in the Winter months.

Cold, dark wet mornings, little daylight, a sodden arena surface, heavy rugs and mud covered coats can make  for long days and sore bones.

Motivation & little rewards come when those cheeky Connemara ponies provide little insights into their potential to be more than they seem, than those mud spattered coats show.

Red Rosette for Connemara Gelding Ballydoolagh FionnAt Bridge Farm, we rarely get to see a ponies true potential realised, they move on to new homes and new owners so quickly, and we get busy with the new Connemara characters that take their place.

So, there are very few things more enjoyable than receiving an update from a new owner.

Particularly an owner as happy as Tina, who’s been kind enough to share her photos, her feelings & their first red rosette.

For us it’s a little reminder of why we focus on Connemara ponies and why we truly believe they’re the best at what they do and let you have the most fun while you’re doing it.

Hi Belinda, hope you are all well.

Just thought I’d send you these pictures which were taken on Sunday at Fionn’s first show. I took him in the M&M Inhand class and he certainly wowed the crowd with a ‘look at me attitude‘ and performed for the judge.

Well I was choked when the judge placed us first and over the moon with my handsome boy, whom I love so much and shed a little tear or three.

Our first show and our first red rosette. The judge loved him and agreed with me that he is a handsome boy, although Fionn already knows that!

We’re still doing well, he had his teeth and back checked and is due to have the saddle checked in a couple of weeks as he’s grown to just over 15hh. He had front shoes on for the first time and behaved and is due for the full set in two weeks time as the yard is quite tough on their feet.

Fionn is wonderful, love him to bits, best thing I’ve ever done was to buy him.

I’m still schooling him and have popped a couple of small jumps in the school but if they’re too small Fionn just steps over it, so we put them a bit higher and he thinks ‘this is more like it mum’. Bit like when he decided that he shouldn’t be strip grazed because he was hungry, so I found him in the long lush grass after he’d jumped the fence in the field, with a very full belly!

Belinda, so glad I found your website and I was lucky enough to find Fionn.

Take care and I will update you again soon.
Tina and Fionn x

Tina & Ballydoolagh Fionn … Don’t they look wonderful?

And best of all, don’t they look happy! … We wish them all the luck in the world and hope to hear about lots more red rosettes in the future.

Tina & Ballydoolagh Fionn winning their first red rosette

A Red Rosette for Tina & Ballydoolagh Fionn

Bridge Farm Spring 2013 – Connemara Pony Training

Yard News May 28, 2013

Bridge Farm Sam Cross Country

At Bridge Farm Spring is almost over and we’re now moving into some warm Summer months

Everyone at Bridge Farm has been working hard throughout the Spring and enjoying our early morning, slightly chilly, starts.

Working with characterful Connemara ponies is one of the most enjoyable rewards as is some nice hacking out, with the sun burning the mist of the fields as we cross to the bridleways.

We are very excited about the work that we’ve put in to building and improving our cross country course, it helps us train our Connemara ponies and other horses on site.

The cross country course now includes a varied selection of jumps, and Sam and Jodie have already been testing it out with Sky and Patsy.

Bridge Farm Schooling Patsy

Belinda & Jodie assessing Patsy

We have been working hard with our new stock, particularly the young Connemara’s and we are continuing to bring on all the horses’. Each horse or pony has it’s own training programme, which is geared to bringing out the best in their abilities.

I hope you like the few photos, let us know what you think and please visit often and follow the progress of your favourites.

Cross Country Training at Bridge Farm …

Everyone loves the cross country course, both riders and ponies, and we are very pleased that we’ve been able to make it suitable for our specific training requirements.

The jumps and obstacles range from small poles to novice 2’9″ jumps. A lot of hard work has been put in by everyone at Bridge Farm, with Richard, Adam and myself working hard to create obstacles that are both challenging and educational for the Connemara’s and their riders.

Sam has been testing out all the jumps on Sky and Jodie has been introducing the newer young horses to all the different obstacles.

Bridge Farm Sam Cross Country

Sam cross country schooling

It’s not completely finished yet but we hope to have it complete by the end of the June. Take a look at the work so far and let us know what you think.

Connemara Ponies in the Snow

Yard News Feb 1, 2013

Bridge Farm Connemara Ponies in the Snow

Again the early-morning sun was generous with its warmth. All the sounds dear to a horseman were around me – the snort of the horses as they cleared their throats, the gentle swish of their tails, the tinkle of irons as we flung the saddles over their backs – little sounds of no importance, but they stay in the unconscious library of memory … Wynford Vaughan-Thomas

The winter cold can make for a harsh wet cold miserable day

And when, seven days a week, you have no choice but to get out of bed and tend to the horse’s, it can seem as if winter is never ending.

But there are times, little moments, when those Connemara Ponies make you smile and you can’t help thinking it’s all worth it.

Here, for no special reason, are a few photos of our Connemara ponies in the snow.

Of course, you never have your camera handy when they’re frolicking around, but we found this small selection of photos quite sweet and we hope you do too.

The quotes? Well they’re quite sweet too, and just seem to fit the mood.

Have a wonderful winter day with your horse or pony…
Belinda & Richard

And indeed, a horse who bears himself proudly is a thing of such beauty and astonishment that he attracts the eyes of all beholders. No one will tire of looking at him as long as he will display himself in all his splendor … Xenophon

Bridge Farm 2013 – We’re All Looking Forward to a Great Year

Yard News Jan 19, 2013

Well it’s 2013 and here at Bridge Farm we’re all looking forward to a great year.

2012 was eventful with lot’s of things happening on the yard and a whole host of new friends arriving.

We’ve been really happy to see some lovely Connemara Ponies coming to stay, although some haven’t spent that much time with us before they’ve gone on to enjoy their new homes and new owners.

We’re putting our 2013 training program together for the young Connemara’s that are slowly being brought in to be brought on.

There’s some very exciting prospects in our current herd and some great times to look forward to in 2013 with all the real characters among them.

And the fox red puppies are adorable, mischievous playful, into everything and keeping Donna very busy.

Belinda and Jody are enjoying all the new equine personalities and the new challenges, as are Paul and Taylor (our very special and youngest farm hand).

Richard and Adam are busy, busy, busy around the farm, Samantha is back in the saddle and Emma is busy growing our next farmhand or show jumper.

There’s new roadways in, a new arena surface laid and a hundred different jobs to do.

It’s wintry weather now, it’s cold and there’s short days and long nights but everyday brings us closer to spring grass and frisky ponies.

Bridge Farm is growing and expanding all around us. Our ponies are growing and together with our livery clients they’re keeping us all on our toes.

It’s 2013 and 2012 is falling far behind us; we’re positive; we’re optimistic, we’re looking for new challenges; we want to meet new people and make new things happen.

We’re all working hard, it’s in our nature to do so, and we’re all just as determined to play hard too.

Here’s wishing that all our friends, our clients and our staff are just as positive and just as determined to work hard and play hard too.

Fox Red Puppies, Puppies, Puppies at Bridge Farm

Yard News Dec 16, 2012

New Fox Red Puppies at Bridge Farm. Just in time to make everyone happy at Christmas

Bridge Farm has some new arrivals. A bunch of energetic, bouncy, fluffballs that are adding great big Christmas smiles to everyone’s days.

These are our first ever Fox Red retrievers and they’re reputed to be highly intelligent. We’re hoping they’ll make great working dogs with excellent retrieving skills.

So far they seem to love us humans, and their fun personalities are proving they are rare and special.

New Fox Red Puppies at Bridge Farm

Paul & Donna with three of our new puppies

Everyone loves puppies, so we thought you’d all enjoy a few photos of the new puppies running around.
Belinda & Richard

Fox Red Labrador Retrievers have the darkest yellow Labrador retriever colouring. It is a really dark reddish colour and makes our Fox Red puppies a unique type of Labrador retriever.

Bridge Farm on Video

Yard News Oct 6, 2012

What’s happening at Bridge Farm?

Well, we’ve just put together a short promo video and uploaded it to Youtube. We’re quite pleased with the results.

And; if you stay tuned here we’ll be adding more videos of Bridge Farm and the horse’s ponies and Connemara’s for sale, soon.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Belinda & Richard

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