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Autumn Fun on Bridge Farm

Yard News Sep 27, 2012

So, it’s well and truly time for Autumn Fun at Bridge Farm

The hay’s in the barn, the horse’s and ponies have rugs on and we’re enjoying some really lovely morning rides out.

There’s nothing quite like an Autumn morning ride out, it’s cold, crisp and clear but lovely and warm when the sun strokes your back.

And; and although we sympathise with all the rain soaked horse owners and riders in the North of England, we do love Autumn fun at Bridge Farm.

We’re also setting up the new cross country jumps at Bridge Farm and happily preparing to munch the great Halloween Pumpkin, that is truly enormous this year.

Bridge Farms Enormous Halloween Pumpkin

Some Photos of our Autumn Rides

Bridge Farm - an Autumn ride out for Belinda and Jody

Photo Above: Shows Belinda & Jody enjoying an autumn morning ride out on Connie and Ginger. Both riders and ponies looking relaxed and comfortable but keen to stride out.

Bridge Farm Connemaras make you happy

Photo Above: Shows Belinda and Sam having a really enjoyable ride on Chelsea and Connie. At Bridge Farm the Connemara’s just make you smile.

 New Cross Country Jumps at Bridge Farm

Just a couple of quick photos to show you the new cross country obstacles.

They look new because they are new and we’re just positioning them to make sure we and the ponies enjoy the most fun while training the Connemara ponies and other horse’s at Bridge Farm.

They’ve still to be dressed up a little and may move around a bit until we’re happy with them, but for now we’re just looking forward to popping the ponies over them.

Bridge Farm Cross Country Obstacles

Bridge Farm Cross Country Obstacles

We’re looking forward to the new cross country jumps making a real contribution to the quality of our Connemara pony training and prep work.

Please let us know what you think on our Bridge Farm Facebook page.

4 Responses to “Autumn Fun on Bridge Farm”

  1. Great photos, I may have to pop down and see you, just to have a pop over those cross country jumps.

    • Thank you debbie, winnie is looking good bring her along to Bridge Farm and show us that huge jump of hers! The Connemaras can come and show you round the new jumps x

  2. The new jumps look good I will be over soon to test them out, had a great ride out the other day on the sponsored ride looks like cross country is my next challange.

    • Just about ready for indoor jumping season and may be a couple of cross country events, you may like to brush up ready by testing the horses across the water, and take ginger jumping. she loves jumping and you would enjoy the ride x