Around Bridge Farm

A look at what’s going on around Bridge Farm

As with any working farm and livery yard we’ve always got something that needs to be improved. Add in our horse and pony sales and Bridge Farm can be a real hive of activity at certain times of the year.

We’re always starting new projects and improving the structure of the yard for our clients.

Currently we’re building a new roadway to improve access and keep our feet dry in the winter.

We also have new cross country obstacles on order for the new cross country course we’ll be constructing. Something that will make a big difference to our horse and pony training schedule.

There’s also a million other little jobs that are being done around the farm and a couple of thousand that are constantly being attended to. Horse’s and ponies tend to be a little hard on structures and there’s always farm machinery, stable doors and training facilities that need a little touch up.

So, here’s a few photos from around Bridge Farm. We hope you like them.

Bridge Farm Security

With all the horror stories you hear about assaults on horses’ and ponies and horse theft around the country, we take security quite seriously at Bridge Farm.

You’ll see Roxie in the photos and she’s our resident guard dog, and as you can see she takes her duties quite seriously. She’s a big softy once you’ve been introduced, but if any strangers appear on the yard at strange times, she’s not that cuddly.

There are other security measures but Roxie is probably our most visualĀ deterrent.


By Belinda

Owner Operator of Bridge Farm in Ongar Essex; with over 30 years experience of breeding & training horses , dogs and competing in various equestrian disciplines.